Thursday, 20 August 2009

Get Free track

To celebrate the launch of our new website, we are giving away free track UltraViolet, which is from the forthcoming album 'We Love Machine', released in October!
Hope you enjoy...


  1. Hey there. I was wondering where can i get a 12 inch copy of your track spaceman as i cant find it anywhere.Also is your new album coming out on distinctive or Armada and will there be a Vinyl version of the album or just cd only.


  2. Tip top video chaps... although i would say that seeing we did it!
    We should at some point meet... do you not think!? All the best Olly/Nigel/Jeeyun/Saulo & Gus aka ON.Studio x

  3. Hi Jonathan,
    We've dug out a copy of the vinyl of Spaceman, think they are sold out in the shops now. Send us a message with your address on myspace and we'll send it to you!
    Thanks, Way Out West

  4. Luv the throbbing bass as it kicks off, lots of prospect. Just seems like there is something lacking which I can't put my finger on.

  5. Ultraviuolet - Wonderful track. Thanks For set it free.
    I heard it first in 2007 in a Nick Warren set.
    I've fallen in Love with it, at first sight!

  6. I LOOOVE the new tracks!! Thank you. I can't believe that I missed you guys at Rich's.. some other time.